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Experienced care for your feet

Worried about a foot condition i.e. heel pain, injury or just foot care? We can diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent foot-related problems of all kinds using our 25 years of podiatry experience.


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We offer a variety of treatments aimed at a range of foot problems and injuries. Browse our full treatment list here.

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Therapies & Treatments


Biomechanic Assessment

Assessment of gait posture structure/function and motion


Nail Surgery

Nail surgery procedure for ingrowing toenails is the use of a local injection of anaesthetic to the toe and the use the chemical phenol to kill the nail cells


Heel Pain Treatment

Ultrasound therapy, Dry needling acupuncture, Massage, Foot strapping, Stretch and strengthening exercises


Fungal Nail Infection

Our treatment is the drilling down and clearing of the yellow discoloured nail. Treatment is an application of a fungal nail lacquer and advice of self treatment at home.


Dry Needling (Acupuncture)

Dry needling is a modern treatment to ease muscle pain. Practitioners place the needles in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue.


Nail Reconstruction

Reconstruction of nails helpful for fungal nails, damaged or broken nails. price per nail

Welcome To FootNotes UK

We offer a variety of treatments aimed at a range of foot problems and injuries.

Footnotes UK is an established chiropody podiatry clinic in Worcester with over 25 years within NHS and private practice.

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